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About Us

The first T-shirt design was created by Oleksandr Yakovlev back in 2016, when he and Vladyslav Palagin thought about creating their own merchandise.

These were simple black T-shirts, which also included a T-shirt with the inscription "АПТЕКА" (eng. "PHARMACY"), which later became the brand's key business card.
It all started with a simple idea to make a T-shirt design that would reflect the main problems of society, and at the same time make society look at these problems differently, change their attitude towards them.

Ideas could have remained just pictures on a computer hard drive, if the guys had not met Mykyta Kolisnyk in 2018, who insisted on creating a full-fledged brand.
So, in 2018, with the joint efforts of three friends, the APTEKA24x7 clothing brand was launched.

The main mission of the brand is to change the established stereotypes of society. In our designs, we do not impose our views or opinions on people, we leave room for reflection.
Having an active life position, the brand collaborates with young talents, artists, athletes, musicians and other influencers, allowing everyone to reveal themselves individually.